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Connect Any Email

Gmail, Office365, Exchange, SMTP/ IMAP

  • With LabiMail cold email outreach software you can add any email address that your team is using. It could be your Gmail account, Office365, Exchange or SMTP/IMAP.

Connecting email to LabiMail is simple and fast.

  • Sign up, add your email and you are ready to set up your email outreach campaign. Some emails you can add by integrating like Gmail & Outlook Email and others you will need to add manually with SMTP or IMAP settings.

Drip Email Campaigns

Create email sequence & follow ups

  • Drip email campaign is an effective way to reach out to your prospects, leads and existing customers.
  • Drip campaign is also known as drip marketing which allows you to send emails in consequent order at pre set time and date.
  • Drip campaigns today remain as one of the best email marketing tactics.

LabiMail drip email service let you create sequences based on many different parameters and include various variables to give it a personal touch. Send follow up emails based on open rates, clicks and responses. LabiMail is the easiest way to build event-based email automation and reach out to all your contact list at once.

Add personality to your sales automation and outbound email marketing campaigns with our next feature the Email Editor.

Email Editor

VA to help you compose emails

As many of our products revolve around content creation we couldn't pass on an opportunity to give you tools to make your email content sound professional, readable and easily digestible by the prospects. Apart from landing in your prospects inboxes, email outreach automation is only a part of the email marketing campaigns.

One of the most important and vital parts to the success of the campaigns is whether your email reads as intended by the prospects and incitvies them to the designed actions.

That is why we added a few tools in the email editor to help you compose engaging content to motivate prospects not only to open the email, not only to read it, but to act on it in the designed manner.

Blog Online Editor Settings Blog Text Editor

Smart Inbox

Well organized replies & communication

  • Your successful email marketing campaign with LabiMail will get you replies that will be accommodated in the convenient inbox dashboard. Where you will be able to further communicate with them or add them to the LabiCRM or other connected CRM.
  • Your inbox folder will help easily navigate among all replies that you got with a particular campaign, prospects or customers who are interested, or not interested, do not contact or not now.
  • You can create folders and add prospect replies to them to properly categories and filter your inbox. Follow up and reply to prospects and customers manually from your LabiMail inbox. So this way all your email conversations will be at one place and organized based on your email marketing campaign preferences.
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Email Verification

Email address validator

  • Don’t ruin your sender reputation with your email providers. Verify and validate your email databases with LabiMail email validation service. Once you added your contact (prospects of customers) list to the cold email outreach campaign, make sure you process it through the verification first. Failure to verify your email may lead to high bounce rate, email suspension or potential forever SPAM tag.
  • Clean prospects email databases easily with LabiMail. Verify that the email exists and valid and can actually receive your email. Detect temporary email that prospects or even customers could be using. Don't waste your campaigns on such emails.

With LabiMail you can detect and remove all duplicate emails and also emails with invalid syntax. That way your email outreach marketing campaign analytics will not be corrupted with invalid data from fake or outdated emails.

Email Warm Up

Stop landing in spam

Stop landing email in prospects and customers SPAM folders! Make sure your outbound email marketing campaign yields the best results possible. Don’t waste your valid database of prospects and customers, make every email count and get you desired results!

  • LabiMail email warmup service will help you bring up your email reputation so you can expect high open and action rates from the prospects. LabiMail warmup activity will have a positive impact on your domain, IP and email reputation so your global sender reputation gets high scores.
  • LabiMail email warmup service acts like hundreds and thousands of perfect prospects interacting with your sent emails. This is what will be sending a positive signal to email providers and their spam filters.

At the end of the day you get deliverability, open and action rates! Works like a clock!

Email Template Builder

Drag & Drop email builder

  • We at LabiMail email outreach campaign service want to give you the full experience of email marketing. That's why we decided to build and add a simple and beautiful drag and drop email builder. Where you can add various types of elements like an image, text, button, banner, video, social accounts.
  • Change color, font size and style. Make your emails beautiful, live and almost like a landing page that will trigger the designed action from your prospects or customers. All you need to do is simply choose the element you want to add from the menu and paste it to the part of the email you want it to appear at.
  • LabiMail drag and drop email editor is a simple but yet very effective tool to make your email different from other dull cold email outreach campaigns that prospects and customers are likely to receive from your competitors.

Build better emails with LabiMail!

CRM Integration

Full CRM experience by LabiCRM

As you may already know LabiMail is a part of LabiOffice Suite family and among other apps we also have a CRM system which you can integrate with - LabiCRM.

  • You can also integrate to any other CRM of your choice like: HubSpot CRM, PipeDrive, Zoho CRM or others. Once integrated you can have all the leads and prospects contacts from your email outbound marketing campaigns delivered to your CRM sales pipeline to continue your lead nurturing, negotiations, call or a meeting arrangement and deal closing from there.
  • LabiCRM is a Sales CRM with pipeline management where you can easily manage all your leads and customers. Create different sales pipelines and funnels use additional CRM tools to organize your process from lead in to deal closed!

Reports & Analytics

Tracking effectiveness of your campaigns

  • LabiMail provides you with insights which help you evaluate the success of your cold email outreach campaigns. For each and every email marketing campaign you will see an analytics dashboard with data such as: contacts list, delivery percentage, open rate percentage, bounce rate percentage, opt out percentage, clicked percentage and more.
  • This is your primary data to understand if your email gets delivered, opened and taken action on. If you see any issues in any of those parameters you need to take the appropriate steps to make your campaigns better and re-run them again. You can experiment as long as you want until you get to the desired results and sales!

LabiMail reports and analytics will help you understand what is happening with each and every step in your drip campaign.

Perhaps the problem is in flawed step which can easily be eliminated or changed. Get high open rates and more sales with LabiMail.

Now i have a complete marketing kit for both content marketing that they offer through LabiBlog and outbound marketing LabiMail where i can build drip campaigns. Waiting eagerly for the release of their CRM! I recommend them to all the businesses and use them myself! Luckily i was able to grab an LTD deal ;) Subscription though is worth every cent and dime!
I just love these guys with all their tools around LabiOffice and LabiMail is a great add on that we all have been missing! Now it looks like a complete solution for both inbound and outbound marketing. This is really good stuff!
I like LabiMail and recommend them to all entrepreneurs and sales teams! Wonderfully designed workflows. Splendid experience with the support team.
They got late to this market but definitely already resonating! I found out about them through a recommendation from another founder and ever since I’m LabiMail and LabiOffice backer to the bones! Great products! Very supportive team! Intuitive design! Everything works and feels great! Very good product!

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